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Welcome to the Long Eaton and District Art Club


LEDAC exists to promote an interest in art for the whole community.
The club acts as a focus point for anyone interested in art, irrespective of experience, age or ability.

We are simply a group of people with a common interest in art, and our members come from all walks of life and all ages.

The club is very informal, as our members generally bring their own work to do on an evening or sometimes just come for a chat and a cup of tea or coffee.
Although we are not a teaching club our members are very willing to share their knowledge and experience with others.

We work in a wide range of mediums and it is often the case that members join with an interest in one medium and find that they excel in and eventually prefer another.

Many people have a false impression of art clubs and although there may be some clubs which follow the stereotype, you will not find this at LEDAC

If you are interested but want to try us out first that is no problem.
Just come along to one of our evening sessions and pay the nominal (?) subs (which goes towards to the cost of the room) and join in and see what you think.
If you like working in a particular medium and fancy a change, then the club does have some material that you can try before you decide to buy your own.
You can do this for three weeks before deciding whether or not to join us.

If you then decide to become a member the cost is ?5 per annum.

What have you got to lose?

Come along, have a friendly chat and socialise with like minded people.
If you are new to art then we can give you pointers on materials and media you may want to try.


Ode to Ledac
by Lyn Mousley  

It doesn't matter, its not a bother
nike online store usa Whether you can paint in oil or watercolour
Artistic leanings we have some
Its reflected in the pictures we have done
Paint them small, or very big
In coloured pencil or bold acrylic
When you show and then you sell
It will be that magnificent masterpiece you created in pastel
We get together on a Wednesday night
So come along and don't take flight
To talk, draw and paint or even drink some tea
Take it from me LEDAC is the place to be